Saturday, May 7, 2016

Shave it baby!

Hooray, summer is finally upon us! For me summer is all about short shorts, white vans and smoothie bowls. And bare legged riding my cruiser board. And skinny dipping in the river Lys (this is illegal, I know). And I'm going to stop here because I could write pages and pages about why I adore summer and why I want to marry it and grow old with it. That's not what this post is about. Or not quite. This post is about the bare legged part and my aversion for body hair. And my struggle in finding the perfect shaving materials that are both sustainable and vegan. Quite the struggle. But I managed to solve the problem and wanted to share my solution with you guys.
Let me introduce you to the killer combination of Lush's 'Five o'clock whistle' and the Aesop Razor. Plus shaving brush for my male readers out there!

Aesop Double-Edge Razor

This razor is nothing compared to the crap I used to shave my legs with before. Whichever brand I used, I could use the razor once, maybe twice before starting to get blunt. This razor however can be used up to 7 times before starting to get dull. After that, you could probably still use it but I wouldn't recommend it because bluntness increases risk of cutting yourself and you don't want to hurt yourself with an exposed razor blade. Because of the naked blade, you can shave your legs and leaving them as smooth as a baby's bum. And because you get closer to the skin, the hair stays away for an extra day or two. I will admit that I was a bit frightened at first, never having shaved with a bare razor blade before. But when used with the right shaving cream or foam, the risk of cutting yourself is quite similar to other blades. Just be careful I'd say.
I use this razor with Lush's 'Five o'clock whistle'. This shaving smoothie contains all the right ingredients to keep your skin soft, such as almond- and jojoba oil, and smells amazing. It rinses of quite easily as well and even with my dry skin, I don't feel the need for adding and extra moisturizing cream afterwards. I love this combination. Of course, this razor can be used to shave other parts of the body as well. My boyfriend uses a straight razor for shaving his beard but if you're not comfortable with that kind of razor, this double-edged razor should do the trick. This razor is on the men's section on the Aesop website so I think it would be great for shaving facial hear just as well as legs and armpits.

Aesop Shaving Brush

This brush is a 100% synthetic brush, but is still just as soft as a regular brush. Plus, synthetic hair doesn't absorb any soap and dries faster than regular brushes, therefor having a longer lifespan and being easier in usage. My boyfriend uses this brush with 'Le Baigneur' soap in nr. 1 and is really happy with the results. I don't have a lot experience with beard shaving but if you're interested in reading about this, leave a comment and I'll ask him to write a piece about this subject.

Overall, I'm really happy with this rather expensive purchase. I no longer need to buy a new razor every two weeks and I can enjoy softer legs for a long period of time.

What do you use for shaving?

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