Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Love your ink

Sun is out and I must admit that the weekend has been extremely nice to us. Four days of sun, nice temperatures and a bank holiday. Those lovely conditions tempt us to show some skin and show off our ink. And why wouldn't you? Thing is, you have to be careful and protect your ink when doing so. Sunlight is actually really bad for your tattoos. When exposed to sunlight unprotected, your ink can start to fade and lines can start to get blurry. Therefore it's of the highest importance that you protect your ink like you would protect your first born. Even when you're out and not sunbathing (sunbathing is also very bad for you, but we'll talk about that another time) you have to use protective cream on your ink.

I use the Tattoomed Sun Protection 50 and I'm in love with it. That smell, that texture... This product smells like summer and doesn't leave your skin all sticky like most sun screens do. I also use the Tattoomed Daily Tattoo Care on a daily base because really, I love my dinosaur ink.

What do you use for your ink?

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