Saturday, June 18, 2016

We've moved

We did it! We've moved back to the big city. And I must admit, one of the best decisions we've made so far. It's been three weeks now and I've just found the time to write this down. After weekends spend cleaning and cleaning and cleaning, this is the first weekend we're finally able to sit down, relax and enjoy our new home. And although it doesn't quite feel like home just yet, I do feel at home already. I don't know if that makes any sense? There's still a lot to be done, like painting and fixing the garden, but now that all our stuff is unpacked and practically every box is emptied, I feel like I can start making this house into my new home. We've had some friends over already, even though I said no one was allowed to visit until we've painted, and they all loved our new home in the state it's in now. So I do really feel like everything will be alright. Cause I've cried and I've cried hard the first few nights we slept here. Mainly because this place was a mess and I didn't feel like it would turn out the way it turned out to be. I felt like we've made a huge mistake. This all topped with the stress that comes with making exams and taking exams (CLIL, which I've passed), turned me into an emotional wreck. The last few days however have been better. I'm correcting and grading, I'm making plans for the summer and I'm looking for a new job. Plus, I'm waiting for my VISA card so I can finally open my new webshop (more on this in another post). The new house also comes with great lighting, great floors and some new and exciting things for me to blog about. I'm really excited and really looking forward to what summer brings me.

Enjoy the weekend kiddos and see you soon!

Picture on top: view from my new desk
Picture on the bottom: new city garden


  1. Wauw, wat een uitzicht! En jullie tuintje ziet er al supergezellig uit, goe gedaan!

  2. Verhuizen vraagt altijd een beetje tijd om aan te passen, maar jullie gaan daar een geweldige tijd tegemoet! Succes met de inrichting, en met de nieuwe job. Maar eerst genieten van die vakantie straks!