Monday, February 8, 2016

Vacay! (And... I'm sorry!)

I know, I have been absent for quite a while now. And yes, I can give you all the lousy excuses I can come up with. But that's not how it works. I want to be honest about my absence with you guys.
I haven't been feeling quite like myself of late. Both physically as well as emotionally. I have been suffering from sinusitis again, and doing again while writing this, and I'll probably need surgery to fix it. Not looking forward to that. Emotionally a lot of shit has been coming my way since Christmas and I don't feel quite ready to talk about that yet. Let's just say it got my in that state of mind where I doubt every little thing I do and it turns me into a crybaby all the time. It's not a fun state of mind and maybe when the time is right, I'll talk about that.

But now, I have one week of vacation. One week to clear my mind. I'm going to do the things I love best, I'm going to read and visit Berlin once again. Plus, I'm hoping to have some amazing news to share with you guys pretty soon. So, thumbs up while reading this please.

-Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix
-Rainbow Rowell - Carry on
-Kate Atkinson - A god in ruins

-Drinking tons and tons of coffee; visiting Silo - The Barn - Five Elephant
-Eating a lot of food; visiting The Bowl - Ohlala - Sfizzy Veg
-More tips? Leave them in the comment section!


  1. Geniet van je weekje vakantie, hopelijk voel je je daarna beter!
    Geen tips voor Berlijn, maar ik ben wel benieuwd naar je verslag hier :-)

  2. Fritz Kola zuipen in Berlin!
    Alhoewel je het nu ook al in den Delhaize op de Kouter kunt kopen, en ik er niet meer speciaal naar Duitsland voor moet :-D