Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Change in routine

Ladies and gentlemen, it has happened... I replaced my morning coffee with something else. No I'm not gone completely bonkers, I just found this recipe for a ginger/turmeric tea which is totally amazing. And really easy to make. Plus, it's the perfect detox to start your day with. And of course, by 10 am I already have a cup of coffee in my hands, so no worries there. All you need for this tea is juice of half a lemon, slice of ginger, slice of fresh turmeric and some hot water.

There's the tea and then there is the Yannoh. This drink made from grain is a perfect substitute for a that last mug of coffee late at night. It taste softer than regular coffee and has no caffeine. This one is by the Belgian brand Lima who makes the most amazing rice milks and canned soups (for when you're really lazy).

Cupcake by Chez Mariette

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