Monday, January 11, 2016

Recycle or die!

So in my plan to produce less waste this year, last week I took it upon myself to look out for simple things in my life I can easily change. I saw that I use a lot of 'throw away products'. Like, I bought a Keep Cup for my coffee last year but I need to remind myself to take it with me everywhere I go. And I drink a lot of juices, get a lot of take out food and most of all I do a lot of shopping and use a lot of bags, both paper and plastic. So as far as this week's concerned, I'm going to take my Keep Cup with me, put an extra tote bag in my handbag and I bought a reusable bottle in which I can order my smoothies. Hopefully I'll stick to this and I really hope that by doings so my contribution to the plastic soup will diminish.

What are the little things you do to keep your waste production on a low level?

Tote bag and bottle bought at Flying Tiger.

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