Thursday, January 7, 2016

RainPharma love!

If you've been here for a bit longer, you've probably heard me raging about RainPharma more than once. Belgium based, plant based and cruelty free. What more does a vegan lifestyle blogger need? Maybe something that takes excellent care for her changing skin. Yes my dear friends, the changing has begun. I've turned 26 last year and I can see some major differences. For example I'm more prone to outbreaks, my skin tends to be less dry and less reddened. So a different skincare approach seems to be much needed.

During the Christmas Holidays I got on the train to Antwerp city and went over the the RainPharma store for a quick chat and some help in my search for new skincare. As always, excellent service. Really, the nicest ladies. Plus, what a pretty store. RainPharma has recently launched a new skincare range in a very pretty package. Plus, they added if their products are vegan friendly or not on the box. Which I think is amazing. No more reading the ingredients lists for ages. RainPharma has always been cruelty free and plant based but some of their products still contain honey (at the moment only one I think). I took these two with me:

1. Advanced Precleanser
This beauty cleanses your skin smoothly and leaves no room for traces of make up or other dirty nastiness from living in the city. Extremely soft for your skin, this product can be used both with or without water. Leaves no feeling of itch or dryness.

2. Faithful Face Guard
This is a all in one product. Eye cream, serum, day and night moisturiser. This is a gentle cream that smells amazing. Because of my dry skin I still use my serum but I'm sure if you have a normal skin, you could do without. Rather expensive, but you only need a small droplet a day. This one leaves my skin hydrated all day and doesn't wear of near the end of the day.

Available at Rainpharma

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