Sunday, August 9, 2015

Veganize it: Tompouce

Last week I had a discussion with my boyfriend about veganism and the hardest parts about being vegan. I came to the conclusion that off all thing containing milk and eggs, I miss pastry most. Tompouce has always been my favourite and I used to think that every occasion was a good one to celebrate with tompouce. My boyfriend, who used to work at a bakery, made me this vegan version of my favourite pastry and on popular demand I am sharing his recipe here. They are really easy te make so please let me know if you tried these. I must warn you though, this is highly addictive and very bad for you. Enjoy!


2 sheets of puff pastry
500 ml of soy milk (almond milk may work as well)
45 g Pudding powder
40 g sugar
A pinch of agar-agar
Apricot jam
Fondant Icing
(You can replace the fondant icing with regular icing - see below)


Prepare the puff pastry as indicated on the package.

Strain the pudding powder and add it to the milk along with the sugar and agar-agar. Whisk well to prevent lumps. Let boil and when it boils, let it boil for another 2 minuten while whisking. Put in refrigerator for about an hour.

Place one sheet of puff pastry on a flat surface. Put your pudding in a pastry bag and add it on the sheet of puff pastry. Use your other sheet of puff pastry to cover the layer of pudding. Cover the top layer of puff pastry with a thin layer of warm apricot jam. Put in refrigerator. In a small cooking pot, heat the fondant icing until it reaches a temperature of 37°. Add a layer of this on top of the apricot jam layer. Let cool for about 10 minutes. Cut in desired amount of pieces.

If you don't seem to find fondant icing in your store, you can always use regular icing. Just add water to some powdered sugar and finish off with a little lemon juice.

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  1. Yummmmmmmmmmmm! Deze waren vroeger ook één van mijn favorieten, maar ik maakte ze nog maar één keer vegan, enkele jaren geleden. Hoog tijd om ze nog eens te maken, bedankt voor het recept!