Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Stop the water while using me!

Packages, I love them. I love them even more when you can see that someone really put an effort in sending them out to you. Wander & Co is one of those companies that does care about you. If you never visited their website, you should. They sell everything to decorate your house, jewellery and skincare. When it comes to skincare they sell two brands, Cowshed and Stop the water while using me! I ordered a hand lotion from that last brand and here is my review:

Stop the water while using me! is a brand that is trying to raise awareness about the amount of water we're using and spilling on a daily base. A statement from their website says the following:

'Water is the foundation of life.
We all need it every day.
But yet it gets wasted.
We encourage people to save water, right there, where water is used.'

Next to the fact that I love their packaging, none of their products are tested on animals and everything except for the soap (which contains honey) is vegan. The lotion leaves your hands feeling hydrated and smelling like summer. I put this lotion in my restroom, hoping that people using it will read the package and start thinking about their water consumption. I love it when brands tackle such a serious issue without pointing the finger.

The handlotion retails for €14,95.
You can either buy it at the Wander & Co website.
Or take a look at the Stop the water while using me! website.

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  1. Mijn broer en schoonzus hebben de zeep (jup, het enige niet-vegan product :p) in hun toilet staan. Vind het ook een leuke en ludieke manier om zo'n problematiek aan te kaarten :-)