Monday, April 13, 2015

Breakfast with Sense

Last week I attended a workshop on vegan breakfast hosted by Sense. Sense is a vegan organisation focused on (university) students (in Ghent). Their main goal is to inform these students on veganism. They do this by organising debates and discussion evenings, screening documentaries and movies on animal rights, organising workshops,...

For their latest workshop they invited Sara from De Groene Keuken as a host. De Groene Keuken is an online blog on plant-based diets and a vegan lifestyle. They also do some small catering. And they have a magazine for sale with some really amazing recipes in it.

The workshop started with an apero, a green smoothie containing spinach, apple and banana. No picture, sorry! Quote of the evening however: 'I would add some black pepper to that'.
The group was split up in three different groups, each making their own dishes. My group made lemon muffins, pancakes and granola. I never made granola before and I learned quite a few things, like the fact that you can add a nut paste (like peanut butter) to add some extra flavour. I made my own jar at home the day after the workshop, so thank you for that!

Last, but not least, tasting all the dishes. A bit weird to have breakfast at 9.00 pm though. But aside from that, everything tasted delicious, even the chia pudding (and I really don't like chia pudding). Breakfast is the first thing you do in the morning. It can either maker or break your day. My advice? Either you get up ten minutes more early in the morning or you take ten minutes the night before so you can have some kind of breakfast every morning from now on.

If you want more information on Sense, visit their website
If you want recipes for any of these breakies, feel free to contact me.

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