Saturday, April 11, 2015

On Yves Rocher, their animal testing policy and a body scrub with lemonand basil

Yves Rocher has long been one of those brands you could rely on concerning both quality and animal testing. That last one has changed over the years though. Since China's law* on animal testing there have been some doubts about the company's policy toward animal testing. With this in mind I sent Yves Rocher an email and here is what they replied (rough translation from Dutch):

We at Yves Rocher have been fighting animal testing for a long time now. In 1989 we decided to replace our animal testing methods with alternate ways to test our products. In France we work together with One Voice and our products are even labelled with the One Voice Label which means that they are cruelty free. We can ensure you that Yves Rocher doesn't test their products and their ingredients and will never do so. Yves Rocher doesn't use animal products (except from beeswax and honey) and has even banned cochineal red, a product mainly used in eyeshadows. Yves Rocher does sell some of their products in China. But can ensure you that no animal testing has taken place or will take place. However the Chinese government can singlehandedly test our products on animals if they want to. But in stead of ignoring this issue, Yves Rocher has decided to start up a dialogue with the Chinese government in order to sensitise them to not test on animals and persuade them on using alternate methods. The situation in China however is very complex one and change will not come easily. It's a process that will take its time, especially in a country like China where traditions are deeply rooted.

Long story short, they don't test but they do however sell their products in China, well aware of the fact that the Chinese government is allowed to test their products. However, Yves Rocher tries to work with the Chinese government in order to prevent tests from happening. So yes you can hate Yves Rocher for selling their products in China. And yes you can have your doubts (as do I) about this cooperation with the Chinese government. But we all know that change needs small steps in order to be successful. So yes we should remind Yves Rocher now and then that what they're doing in China is a bit in conflict with their general statement that they do care about animal wellbeing. But we also must encourage every attempt at a dialogue with the Chinese government in order to make them change their minds on their animal testing policy.

So for those of you who don't care about all that Chinese fuss or who were (just as I was) unaware of this double standard Yves Rocher uses, here's the review I wrote on their Lemon&Basil scrub.

For their limited edition spring collection Yves Rocher combined two of my favourite scents, basil and lemon. If you know me, you know I would add basil to almost every dish and I grow it just for the smell of it. However, I never thought it could work in shower gel, but it does. It adds this spicy smell to the already vibrant scent of lemon. I have the shower scrub and it contains little peaces of apricot kernel to softly peel your skin.

Yves Rocher Basil Lemon Scrub - €3,95
You can buy this product at your local Yves Rocher store
Or order it online here

*China is allowed to test any product that is imported.

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