Monday, November 3, 2014

Rainpharma's body lotion in Lemony Vanilla Hugs

Love yourself/your skin, support your locals and be kind to all living things. Those are three rules I tend to live by. Combine those three in a -and I am looking for words here- fabulous skin product and I am hooked. Dear Rainpharma, take my money and lock me up in my bathroom for ever, thank you.

Rainpharma is a Belgium-based brand (rule number two) that uses no animal products and doesn't test it's products on animals (rule number three) and takes good care of you (rule number one). Their beauty products range from bodylotion, over face wash to bath oils. Name it and they'll probably have it. If you want to they can also set you up with a diet, some extra vitamins and shakes.

Last Friday I bought two products: a bath oil (more on that later to come) and a body lotion that leaves you smelling like a combination of cookies, pie and tea. I have been using this body lotion on a daily base since Friday and I am stunned by it's results. I have a dry skin, no need to say more. If I don't use body lotion every morning I get all itchy before I even had time to get my first coffee. With this lotion my body feels well nourished and soft. And this for the rest of the day. Other products tend to wear off after half a day, but this one lasts 'till bedtime. And the fact that it leaves my arms (and other body parts) smelling like I want to take a bite out of them is nothing more than an extra advantage. I am thrilled by this brand and I will definitely try out some more products!

You can buy Rainpharma in their shop in Antwerp.
Or online like here

Body lotion €19,95

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