Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Forever - Sonya Aloe Nourishing Serum

Summer doesn't only mean Iced-teas, beach hair and bikini's. Summer also means taking good care of your skin, especially if you want to keep that (gained under protection) tan of yours. I have dry skin and even though summer is a bit kinder for my skin type, it is still necessary that I keep it well hydrated, especially my face. I have natural redness which only gets worse if I don't take care of it properly. Ever since I became vegan the quest for a good vegan serum has been a lengthy one. This included more dryness, more redness and even a rash. However, this serum by Forever has been my holy grail serum so far. Yes, the term holy grail has been used.

First of all, for those of you who don't know what a serum is, a word of explanation. First of all, you apply serum right before you apply your daily (or nightly) moisturizer. It's a thin layer of concentrated product that is specifically designed to tackle one problem, in my case, dry skin. It's that extra bit of skincare that helps my skin stay hydrated throughout the day.

This serum from forever is a part of their Sonya line. This line of skincare and make up revolves all around the nourishing treats from Aloe Vera. This plant is well know for it's healing and rejuvenating properties. I must say, this serum really does the trick. Not only does it feel like my skin is very hydrated, it also leaves my skin feeling soft. Forever is a company that has never tested on animals and never will. They have a few products containing honey but all of the other products are vegan.
At the moment I'm also testing a lip pencil and a facial powder which are really doing a great job, so expect a review of these products very soonish!

You can find all the Forever products on their website.
This serum retails for €48,40

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