My name is Elien. I live in Belgium. I am in my twenties, which scares the hell out of me to be quite honest. Yes, I am vegan and no I'm not missing out on anything. My blog is my way of expressing myself and sharing what I think is interesting. This blog is a lifestyle blog and not just food and recipes. I find the hardest part of being vegan is not the food (which is awesome) but the fear of not having all the luxuries I want in life, like make-up, pretty shoes, nice clothes,... Not wanting to take part in animal abuse or environmental abuse by not eating any animal product is fine, but I want to be consequential in what I do. I want my life to have as little impact on both animals as on the planet as possible. In my quest for striving towards that goal I love to keep you informed, hoping that what I do influences your way of thinking and maybe even the choices you make.

What else is there to say about me?
- I am a coffee addict
- I enjoy reading
- And I love to combine the two things stated above

I hope you enjoy reading my scribbling.
Feel free to leave a comment, send an email or get in touch through any social network you like!