Sunday, June 15, 2014

Review: Beauty UK lipstick (Shade: Chelsea)

I was strolling through town when I found this lovely store that next to home decorations and jewelry, also sells these cruelty-free makeup brands like NYX, Sleek (review of their ’Au Naturel’ palette are to follow*) and… BeautyUK. Not all of their products are vegan though, so you’d better check the ingredients list. One thing is for sure, they are not animal tested

Statement from their website:
The nature of the cosmetics industry in years gone by means that many ingredients were tested on animals before they were officially approved for cosmetics use. For this reason we cannot guarantee that there are no ingredients that have at some point been tested on animals. We can however assure our customers that none of our ingredients have been tested on animals since we have been around (since 2005).

So I dropped my eye on this lovely lipstick in the Chelsea shade, which is a lovely nude color with just the slightest hint of pink. I can say that I am absolutely in love with the color. I adore everything nude in make up, so I am trilled with the current hype around hanging around it. I swatched it on my hand in store and I was sold. You can image the smile on my face as I went home.

But as happy as I was with the color, as disappointed I was when I came home and put in on my lips. It doesn't apply well to the lips and rather turns into this creamy mess. It also has a slight taste of mint lingering in it. Which is nice, if you like mint on your lips. I am however not the type that gives up after only one attempt. So I tried combining the Chelsea shade with another lipstick in my range. I used the Hema lipstick in shade 02 and applied the Chelsea shade on top. I must admit, we have a winning combo over here. The lipstick applied nicely and even on the lips and did not wear off even though I did a 45 minutes trip on my bike, had some Icecream and a mojito. Winning combination indeed.

Would I try another lipstick from Beauty UK? Probably not, but I am interested in trying out one of their eyeshade palettes.

Where to find?
You can buy Beauty UK from their website: Beautyukcosmetics
For those of you living in Belgium, you can buy Beauty UK at 'Byttebier' in Kortrijk. Byttebier

Beauty UK lipstick price: €4,37 on their website

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