Sunday, July 24, 2016

Interesting talks

Yesterday I attended the Viva Las Vegas food festival in Amsterdam. Last time I was in this city was for the Dirty Chai event and I wanted to return to this city ever since. It's so lovely and I can easily imagine myself living there one day. A full report of the food festival will follow soon but I just wanted to take the time to talk about the interesting talk I had with Merel from De Groene Meisjes at the festival. De Groene Meisjes is a dutch green lifestyle blog that is major here in the dutch speaking part of the world. This blog has been a huge inspiration for me in starting to blog. She started her presentation, if I can call it like that, by telling how it all started for her and how the blog got to where it is now. But she also talked about what it takes to life a green lifestyle. And about doubting yourself and questioning if what you're doing is good enough. About handling the negativity and criticism that sometimes comes along with blogging and the life choices you make for yourself. She also talked about how to deal with students who have questions about our lifestyle and how to answer them in a correct way.

I've learned a lot yesterday and listening to someone that positive really made me realise that I just have to keep doing what I'm doing and leave the negativity behind me since it's not helping me move forward anyhow.

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