Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Green lifestyle?

Just because I live a vegan lifestyle, doesn't mean I live a green lifestyle. I'm going to be quite honest here with you, I try my hardest but even I have my flaws. Just because I eat plant based, doesn't mean that the plants I buy at the store are ecological or sustainable. I did buy some reusable grocery bags and of course I still use my keep cup on a daily base. And writing this, makes me realise I've never written about my keep cup before, so I'll update you guys on that in one of the following posts. But I am aware of the fact that my plastic use is a major pain in the ass and that I do have to try harder in order to reduce that even further.

So next in line in my attempt to live as green as possible, is this Ecover dishwashing liquid. Just look at that bottle. Isn't it the prettiest? Not only is it the prettiest dishwashing liquid bottle you'll ever see, it's also made of plastic taken from the Amsterdam canals. What?
So how's buying a pretty plastic bottle made of recycled plastic going to help me reduce my use of plastics? Well, this bottle is reusable and over at Ohne here in Ghent, you can it filled again once it's empty. That's how. Therefore by using this bottle, I support cleaner oceans and I support my locals.

I'm not saying that this has a major impact on anything, but you gotta start somewhere right? If however you have any tips and tricks for me, feel free to leave them in the comments!

Love, Elien


  1. Hoi Elien,

    ik weet niet of het enkel bij mij is maar je (nieuw?) lettertype is echt super onleesbaar. :(

  2. Success meisje en keep up the good work! Bezoekje aan de Buurderij? ;)