Saturday, April 23, 2016

Skindrink, also known as the love of my life

Skindrink is one of those products I've been wanting to buy since I've first discovered Lush, which was about 7 years ago. And just two weeks ago I finally got my sh*t together and bought the damn thing. The reason why I've never bought this before, really has nothing to do with the product itself, but with my state of mind.

7 years ago, I was as broke as one can be. I never had any money, just enough to get me through the week and maybe skipping meals from time to time to treat myself on something nice. And that's why when I got my first real job (and real money) 2 years ago, the first thing I did was spend it all on stuff I didn't need. Still leaving me broke by the end of the month. And now, 2 years into a real job, I still find myself in shops telling myself not to buy stuff (that I really do need) because I need that money for food. Which isn't true. I have a good paying teaching job and even when I splurge on food, I'm still able to buy me all the nice stuff I want. But my mind hasn't quite made that connection yet. And yes, I know I'm a very lucky person to be in the position I am now. But I did want to write this down to show you, that it hasn't always been this easy.
Back to Lush. Two weeks ago, I found myself staring at the Skindrink again. I've used this product through samples, which I shamelessly asked for every time I visited the store, and I knew from experience what a treat this product is for my dry, sensitive skin. And this time, my mind made the connection and I took this baby home with me. And my pretty face is thankful for it ever since. This product is nourishing, but not to greasy. This product is long-lasting. This product is basically perfect. It does have a weird smell but once you've passed that issue, you're good to go. And once I've emptied this baby, I'm going to buy me a refill, because I can. And I am ever grateful for it.

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