Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas presents - Santa Baby!

Have you noticed? It's already December 4th! Which means there's only 20 days left 'til Christmas Eve. I am one of those persons who couldn't care less about the food (Okay, maybe this year will be different since I'm making the food and not just warming up some leftovers 'cause 'Yes mom, eating meat for just one night is a terrible, terrible thing to do'). I care most about the presents. Not for the ones I receive, but for the ones I get to give. The look on the faces of your loved ones when they open up a nicely wrapped gift, only for them, with that thing inside you knew they wanted for quite a while now. That's what I love about Christmas Eve.
Now I know, finding gifts suitable for vegans can be tricky sometimes, especially when you want to give them something skincare related, or something like nice socks, or warm mittens, so I'm here to help you figure those things out. Also, I'll be starting a Christmas card swap next week, so if you're interested you can already sent me an email, or wait for the post on that one!

We kick off this Christmas present guide with Lush's Santa Baby. This is a nice little lipstick that not only smells nice and leaves your lips in a nice red colour, it also takes care of your lips. Which can come in quite handy during these cold, dark and gloomy days. There's also a lip scrub available to extra take care of your lips. So if you're considering this as a gift, you can get the person you have in mind the nice combo. Plus, at Lush, they have the nicest gift boxes ever. So do check them out!

Available at Lush

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