Sunday, November 29, 2015

My week in pictures IV

That time again, Sunday morning, having a nice brunch and pondering about the weeks to come. Christmas is creeping in at a fast rate. That means lots of thing to do at the job plus trying out lots of Christmas dinners. My parents gave me permission to help out on Christmas Eve, so that means I'll make everything except the meat. So the next couple of weeks I'll try and convince them to even ditch that so we'll be having an all vegan Christmas. Thumbs up please.
Combine that with the fact that I'll be serving you delicious vegan pies over at GIFTBOX in Ghent every Saturday in December and you'll find out that I'm on top of my game. If you're around, please come over, buy some Christmas present and munch on some vegan pastries.
But first, let's look back at what happened this week.

St. Nicholas is coming the 6th of December and I've found these chocolates, all vegan, by Wiloco.

We had a party at my job and they've even got me a vegan pizza <3. This is the aftermath.

November/December means a lot of tests and exams to correct.

We've had the first frost of the season last week.

Comfort food and Gilmore Girls

So what did you guys do?

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