Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 comes to an end and ...

... I just wanted to write down how grateful I am. Really, 2015 has been amazeballs! 2015 was the year of my 'vegan out coming', the year I decided to join the movement and do something.
I met the most amazing people and had the chance to accept some great opportunities that crossed my path. I got to join some amazing organisations such as Bite Back, BE Vegan, EVA vzw,... I got to write for and participate in both BE Vegan, the Belgian organisation for veganism and Compassionate Cooking, the food based project of Bite Back. Because we all know that the best way to convince people of a cruelty free lifestyle is by shoving their mouths full with delicious vegan baking first.
I met the most amazing people this year and I can't go naming them al for fear of forgetting someone. If you think you're one of those people, you probably are.
2015 was also the year I ate the most. Food wise, this year has been the best one ever. 2016, you've got some serious competition going on. I mean, the discovery of aquafaba, the booming business of vegan food, my friends over at Flock and Chez Mariette starting their own businesses, Vegan Summer Fest's first edition,...
2015 was also the year I worked fulltime the entire time. I love my job and the opportunities coming my way in 2016. More on that later.
Really, overall, 2015 was the best year so far!!
Do I have plans for 2016? Well yes, I have. I plan on blogging more, even start vlogging. Yes, in 2016 you will be able to hear me babble any time you want to. I plan on cooking even more. I plan on taking a class to teach in English. We (the boyfriend and I) are planning on moving back to the civilized world of #9000, Ghent City, the love of my life. And a lot more really exciting stuff you'll read all about over here.
Last, but not least, I want to thank you all for reading my blog, for sending me supportive emails, for following me on social media, for talking to me in real life. Really, it means the world to me! Thank you so, so much!!

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  1. Zó goed bezig, Elien! Ongelofelijk, het enthousiasme waarmee je blogt :-). Hopelijk brengt 2016 je nog meer lekker eten. Veel plezier met bloggen, en laat iets weten als je in Gent woont, dan moeten we eens van blogdate doen!