Saturday, October 3, 2015

My week in pictures III.

I really hope you guys love these blogpost as much as I do. Because do I love them? It gives me the perfect excuse to literally take pictures of everything that comes along my path during the week. This week has been rather weird though. I switched thyroid medication and now it seems that everything is working a bit faster. Which results is super exited me, too hungry me and 'kill me and take me to bed' me by the end of the evening. I even skip my morning coffee because it makes me act like a monster on hormones. I'm going to get my blood checked first thing next week. Hopefully that will fix things for me. This week was also the week where October finally kicked in. Which means there was world vegetarian day on the first, there is word animal day the fourth, there is my upcoming birthday and last but not least, halloween is coming. This month also means the launch of the Lush Christmas collection and the kickoff of yet another Vegan Challenge. Busy busy countdown to Christmas, or so it seems.
Here are my favourite pictures I took this week. Enjoy your weekend!

1. I started my week by cleaning my motorcycle. I drive a Kawasaki Vulcan S and yes mom, I'm still driving it safely.
2. October means adding gingerbread/pumpkin spice syrup to everything.
3. This school year is going in one straight line towards the Christmas finals. That means a lot of tests to correct for me.
4. Last Tuesday I gave a cooking class on how to make vegan fast food. When people lick the pots clean, you know you did good right?
5. Early mornings give the prettiest view.
6. Hot coco's to accompany those cold, early mornings.
7. And Chai lattes to accompany meetings with friends.
8. Happiness means finding a mini moo in your groceries.
9. Also, I've been working really hard on new recipes for you guys. Find this one online somewhere next week.
10. This is a before and after oven of my pumpkin pie I made for bite back