Monday, October 5, 2015

Lush Halloween and Christmas 2015

You now, when October comes creeping in, it's that time of the year brands start launching their annual Christmas collection. One of my favourites, of which I've been talking since August (I kid you not), is that of Lush. Year after year, Lush amazes us with these products that not only have the best names, but also look like you never want to use them and fill your bathroom with a scent that makes you want to hide in there like, forever. And, especially, for us Holiday lovers, their Christmas collection comes along with a little Halloween collection.

I stopped by my favourite Lush store of them all, Ghent, last Saturday and got my hands on four products. Only four, because they were a gift from my boyfriend and I was only allowed to buy three. But you know, the puppy eyes persuaded him to buy me an extra fourth. I also have the Lord of Misrule standing in my shower since I bought this one in London a few months ago. But it's available as part of the Halloween collection for you guys and I'm planning on buying a bigger bottle once I've finished this one. Also, no Snow Fairy. Why? 'Cause my birthday is coming up and I've learned over the years that my friends always seem to get me big bottles of this magical stuff which leaves me with a stash of Snow Fairy which I still have to finish from last year's Christmas collection. However, dear friends, don't let me down on the Snow Fairy this year, I'm counting on you guys! Other things on my wish list are the Candy Mountain bubble bar, the Fairy Dust, the Cinders bath bomb, the Santa's Belly shower jelly, the So White bath bomb (!!!!!!!!!), the Icing On The Cake Roulade shower smoothie and the Yog Nog bath bomb.

But first thing first, here's what I already bought:

1. Bar Humbug

This bubble bar caught my eye on Instagram immediately. It's dark, it's glittery, it's gloomy, it's perfect. When I laid my hands on it in the store, a lovestory was written. Tarragon oil, bergamot oil and fennel oil give this bubble bar it's really amazing smell. It leaves your bath painted in a dark purple, while giving you all the bubbles you need. The Tarragon works as a cleanser, while the fennel works as a relaxer to keep you all warm and stress free during the upcoming holiday (or maybe finals) period.

2. Lord of Misrule

This herbal blend of patchouli, peppercorn and black pepper reminds me of my childhood in one way or another. It's smell I can't quite put my finger on, but I loved it since I sniffed it way back in London a few months ago. It's green and leaves your skin green in the shower. So if you have kids, you can make bath/shower time Hulk time if you want.

3. The magic of Christmas

This wand consists of a golden star on top of a cinnamon stick. And with that being said, I can stop this review here. Oh wait, I forgot, there's also a little bell hanging on it. It's smell? Cinnamon, cloves and orange oil. All the warming smells you need on those cold winter nights.

4. Peeping Santa

I remember screaming for the entire store 'It's so freaking cute'. And admit it, it is right? This little guy is a bubble bar which smells like Fair Trade Organic Cocoa butter and strawberry-sweet bergamot and geranium oils. Plus the Shea Butter will leave your skin feeling all soft. And did you know, it's eyes are made of dairy free chocolate? I bet you didn't.

5. Sparkly Pumpkin

Juniper berry oil, Lime oil and Grapefruit oil form the main ingredients of this cute little pumpkin. I warn you, this is a glitter bomb. If you want to shine on Halloween night, I recommend you using this one.

So, what are you Lush Christmas favourites?

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  1. De producten van Lush zien er altijd uit als kleine cadeautjes. Love them! :)

    Marlies - Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows