Thursday, August 27, 2015

Holiday recap!

Two months have passed in the blink of an eye. While in June I was all like 'So much time, so much to do', there's only one week left until school starts again. I'm a teacher, and still looking for a job. So if you know something, please contact me!
I must say that 2015 has given me the best summer holidays so far. This was the first summer where I didn't have to a) study or b) do a stupid job to pay for my education. We did so much stuff! We went on a food trip to Berlin (read all about that here), went to tons of (vegan) bbq's, bought a pool, went to Ieperfest, got friends over from Sweden...
These 10 photo's capture my holidays perfectly. I got to meet the most amazing people and ate way too much! Let me know what you did this summer!

1. Ricemilkshakes at Sweet Nuts - Kortrijk
2. International veggie BBQ day
3. A march for the future, which is plant based
4. The Big Jump - Jumping in rivers to draw attention to cleaner water
5. Sipping coffee in Berlin
6. Vegan Potluck
7. I bought a motorcycle - more on vegan motorcycle clothing soon!
8. A Swedish themed party where my friends made the most amazing food - and Ikea balls!
9. Promoting a vegan lifestyle at Ieperfest
10. I read too much I think this summer - for more books: my Goodreads

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  1. Eten, vrienden en boeken, meer heeft een mens niet nodig :-)