Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rituals protection face cream

So, summer is one month is and I am here to remind you to wear sunscreen. Seriously, wear sunscreen, all the time. Why? First of all because sunburns are a pain in the ass (excuse my language). Second of all, walking around (not even tanning) in the sun without protection will fasten up the ageing process of your skin and increases change of skin cancer. So please, protect your beautiful skin, especially during those hot summer days! Thank you!

One of the main struggles I've been having is finding a decent sunscreen that is both vegan and not extremely expensive. That's where this little tube comes in.

This is the 'sun protection face cream' by Rituals. This one is made especially for your face, although I do put it on my ink as well. It has SPF 50, smells really amazing, isn't sticky and is both cruelty free and free of any animal ingredients. I wear this one on top of my moisturiser but you can actually replace your moisturiser with this one if you find putting on cream after cream rather annoying. It leaves my skin hydrated and both protected.

Rituals also has body protection and an aftersun line to hydrate your skin after those long hot days.
The sun protection face cream retails for €15.
You can buy these at your local store/ rituals counter or online.

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