Monday, May 18, 2015

New coffee place "Fanny's"

Last year I moved from my beloved Ghent to a rural countryside little town near Kortrijk. One of my biggest complaints since I've moved was the lack of coffeehouses. Yes, Kortrijk has Viva Sara, which is not open on Sunday and reminds me more of a big cafetaria than a nice and cosy coffeehouse. Two weeks ago Fanny's opened, just around the corner of the school I work at.

They have a huge variety of coffee available and for us vegans, they serve both soy milk and almond milk. And the lady even went to get some vegan spread for the sandwiches 'cause I asked really nicely. Next to coffee, they also serve tea, hot coco's and pie (not vegan though). There's also the possibility for lunch with soup and sandwiches. And my colleagues loved the soup.

A huge gap in my life has been filled. So from now on, you can probably find me in my spare hours drinking coffee and correcting tests over at Fanny's.

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