Friday, April 3, 2015

Workshop 'Veganize it'

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to attend a workshop on how to replace both eggs and dairy in your daily food routine. This workshop was organised by EVA, an organisation that promotes a plant based diet in Belgium. It turned out to be quite an interesting evening, even though I was the only vegan attending. It's nice to show people that cooking without animal ingredients can be fun and doesn't have to be hard work or very expensive. And it's always nice to meet like minded people.

We started the evening with a little get to know each other moment and talked about why people would like to minimise their animal intake. The usual things came up like "it's good for your health" or "it's good for the planet". We all know these facts are true, but did you know that male chickens are being killed because their useless since they don't lay any eggs? And did you know that baby cows are taken away from their mothers just moments after birth? Apart from that, did you know that cooking without animal products can be quite exciting and add some new flavours to your plate? Enjoy!

These are a few pictures of the food we made:

Scrambled tofu

Cauliflower quiche

Quinoa burgers


First dish we made was scrambled tofu. I've been wanting to prepare that myself for weeks, so I was really excited to finally try this one out. And boy, was it good! Adding this to my Sunday breakfast routine as we speak. If you use the right kind of seasoning, you can trick people into believe it's a real scrambled egg by both the flavours (add some Kala Namak) and the colour (Add some turmeric). Second one is a cauliflower quiche with cashews as a replacer for the cheese. Healthy, good tasting and able to trick any cheese-addict. Third one are burgers made for quinoa and almond (I guess?). Perfect for on your bbq or between a sandwich. And the last dish, and best dish, was a tiramisu made with soy cream and vegan cookies. If I die, I want to go to this tiramisu heaven please.

I had so much fun attending this workshop. And I will try a few of those dishes at home. If you ever have the change to attend one of those workshops, do attend! Even if you think you know everything, you don't. You learn a lot both by attending the workshop, but also from the other attendants.

If you're from Belgium and reading this; check out EVA's website for other
workshops or information about plant based diets.
If you want the recipes for any of these,
please send me an email through the contact form.

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