Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Urtekram Shampoo

Me and my hair. We've never been best friends and at the moment we're in a 'get to know each other' fase. I finally embraced its volume and my hair has finally accepted that I don't want to look like I've just casually walked through a hurricane. Starting from that point I knew that I needed a new shampoo in order to make it work.

That's when I discovered Urtekram, a Danish ecofriendly and vegan brand that both has body care and food. Best of two worlds, combined in one brand. I love it.

I have their Rhassoul shampoo to add volume to my hair and their lavender conditioner for extra care. The shampoo smells a bit funny at first, like rubbing toothpaste in your hair but it does everything it promises to do. Volume all the way. Combine that with the sweet smell of the lavender conditioner and you have a match made in heaven.

Extra plus is that it's ecofriendly and organic. Good for your body and good for the planet. And to top all that good news, Urtekram is also a good friend of your wallet.

I also bought their deodorant and their toothpaste, testing as we speak. Expect a full review of those soon!

You can find their products at your local biomarket.
For Belgium: Bioplanet is the place to be.
And please do take a look at Urtekram's website cause there's a lot of stuff going on there as well.

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