Monday, April 20, 2015

All Good Things

New season, new perfume, that's my golden rule. Since I've decided to go fully vegan however, I had been struggling with holding up to this. Perfumes are usually animal tested or contain animal derived ingredients and are therefore off limits. That was until I decided to enter a Lush store and give their perfumes a decent try. I bought their Vanillary perfume two years ago in Berlin, but recently ran out of it. Lush has renewed their perfume line and added a few new scents, such as Death and Decay and the one I bought, All Good Things.

All Good Things is a pretty heavy, sweet scent with a dash of liquor in it. I am a huge fan of heavy scents, so this one really is the one for me. Although being rather heavy, thanks to it sweetness it's a perfect scents for these first warm days.

I bought a 10 ml flask for €32,95 at their store in Ghent.
You can order it online here.

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