Sunday, March 29, 2015

Liebster Award

My dear colleague Renilde, from the blog Mooi Ding, nominated me for this Liebster Award. An award to put new blogs in the spotlight. I'm not that new, since I've been doing this for more than a year now. But I do have the feeling that veganism is something completely new in Kortrijk (where I've been living for almost a year now), so I guess that counts.

What do I have to do? Answer 1O questions about myself. And let's be honest, who doesn't love talking about themselves?

First question: 'Describe yourself in five words'

1. PMA - Positive Mental Attitude
I walk through life keeping in mind that yes it sucks, and yes it's hard, but conquer it with a smile on your face and everything will turn out just fine. And if it doesn't, at least you had fun!

2. Inked
I love my tattoos, especially my dinosaur (check it out here). Thank you so much Tamy

3. Poppunksucks
When it comes to music, I've always had a preference for the 'harder' stuff. Hardcore, punkrock, poppunk, metal,... You know the drill.

4. Books
Books - Books - Books. Lose myself in a good story and forget about everyday life. Currently reading: The Mazerunner by James Dashner. Check out my goodreads account if you're interested in my booklife.

5. Coffee
People call me a 'coffee snob', since I'm not easily pleased. And also maybe because I think that the coffee served at my school is, well yeah, disguisting. Sorry madam principal.

Question nr.2: Where do you blog?

I blog in my living room. Nothing more to add to that.

Question nr.3: what's your favourite dish?

I'm one of those easy going vegans since my favourite dish it just plain pasta with a tomato sauce. So usually I don't complain when that's the only thing on the menu in a restaurant.

Question nr. 4: What are your three favourite pictures and why?

This picture was taken by me in my old hometown Ghent. I started experiment with photography a few weeks ago and I really love the feel of this picture.

Meet my cat. She was found in a box when she was only two weeks old, we took her in and raised her as if she was our daughter. She never got rid of the box-thing though.

This picture was taken last summer. I moved from the big city to the rural big nothing. I got bored during winter, but with summer just around the corner (optimist much), I'm looking forward to those relaxing moments of nothing and swimming in the open water once more.

Question nr. 5: What book do you recommend?

The circle by Dave Eggers. Definitely.

Question nr. 6: What's your 'guilty pleasure'?

I bake cookies so I can eat the dough. Sorry not sorry!

Question nr.7: Favourite television series?

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
House of Cards

That is, at the moment.

Question nr.8: For what can we wake you in the middle of the night?

NOTHING. Leave me. I'm a terrible person when you wake me.

Question nr.9: When was the last time you were really happy?

Yesterday. I had a soy latte at True Beans, Ghent. Little things make me happy.

Last question: Is there something we don't know about you?

I got bullied in high school and it still defines who I am on a daily base. Bullying is no joke. It affects more than you can imagine. But I do hope that my experience will inspire other people to keep fighting and to never, ever give up.

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  1. Nice!
    I've just put a Dave Eggers book my tolino today!
    Vegan cookie dough? No butter? No eggs? Hope you put loads of sugar in there! ;-)