Monday, July 7, 2014

Review: Elf Nail polish in shade 'White'

As you may -or may not- have noticed, white nail polish is hot business this summer. So I went ahead and tried out e.l.f.'s nail polish in shade white. I was a bit scared that it might turn out quite horrible, since this is the case with lots of white polishes. And at first it seemed like my fear would become reality. But after the third layer of polish I did get quite a nice resultant came close to an even white finish.

My opinion? I already have quite a few e.l.f. polishes in my stash and absolutely adore them. My nails have a love-hate relationship with nail polish and almost everything seems to chip after one, maybe two hours. But el.f.'s polish I can wear for about two days without looking completely ruined. Which is very nice, especially if you compare it with its price. This white shade however is a tricky one. You really need to take your time to apply it nicely. But once applied, it really gives that luxurious white shade you want with white nail polish

e.l.f. nail polish - €2

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