Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bdellium Tools Pink Bambu 934 Precision Concealer Brush

Latest addition to my brush stash: Bdellium Tools Pink Bambu 934 Precision Concealer brush. But first, let's be honest. I am one of those few people blessed with a fair skin. Not even once a tiny red dot. Nothing. Never. Lucky girl you're probably thinking to yourself. And 'Why would she need a concealer brush?' is probably your second thought at the moment.
Truth is, I have a red skin tone, close to Rosacea. But I really need to get that last one checked by a doctor. So for me everyday is a struggle not to look like a drunk (and no, I am not exaggerating). Especially now that I've noticed that growing older tends to make my skin's condition even worse. So lately I've been investing in all sorts of products to tackle this issue, ranging from concealer to pharmacy products (more on that later).

I've been applying my concealer with my fingers, but when I spotted this lovely concealer brush -in PINK!- by Bdellium Tools, I was sold. The brush is made from the softest synthetic hair ever and is therefore perfectly suitable for vegans. Also the handle is made from bamboo, which makes them eco-friendly and results in smoothly applying make-up.
I bought this brush about a month ago and have been using it on a daily base ever since. And I am quite sure that when my next paycheck arrivesI will run to the store to purchase one of their foundation brushes. Yes, this is a serious case of love at first sight.

I bought my brush at Byttebier in Kortrijk, Belgium. But you can also order them from the Bdellium Tools website.
Bdellium Tools Pink Bambu 934 Precision Concealer Brush - $9

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