Saturday, March 19, 2016

Lush Lush Lush

And those three words, describe everything I wanted to say in this post. Thanks for reading. See you soon.
No, just kidding. Although this post is about Lush, Lush and Lush. And more specifically, their Easter products. Think bright colours and pink smelling bathrooms. Yes, fragrances have colours too. A few weeks ago, I came home with a golden egg, a fluffy egg and a big bang. All've been tested, all've been approved.

Lush's golden egg literally leaves everything covered in golden glitters. Just taking it out of it's package for pictures, left the cat walking around the house, shining bright like a diamond, all night. I will say that it was the cat itself that decided to roll around in the glitters left on the table, so I bet she just likes to sparkle. The golden egg smells like toffee and is filled with Fair Trade Colombian cocoa butter which leaves you with a soft, hydrated skin after soaking for hours. Plus, glitter everywhere baby. Have I mentioned the glitter yet?

A fluffy egg a day, fulfils your daily need for pink. Plus, it smells like you just entered a candy store and never want to leave again. Not much foam on this one though.

The Big Bang is a bubble bar that isn't a part of the Easter collection, but could just as well blend in effortlessly. It's pink and baby blue and smells like a fresh lemon. Energising if you need to kickstart your day. Bubble bars are used by crumbled a bit of 'em under running water. This will leave you with a bath in the brightest colours and the highest foam towers you've ever seen.

Have you tried any of the Easter products yet?

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  1. De Golden Egg is zooo mooi! Alleen doet de geur me niet veel, dus heb hem dan ook niet gekocht. Ik heb de Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb mee naar huis genomen, maar nog niet geprobeerd. Ik ben benieuwd!