Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My current bathroom situation

So, I haven't been very active as of late, for which I'm sorry. It's just that, those last weeks before a schoolbreak are usually very hectic and stressful. And now, I'm having a week break from all that stress and due to things that have been happening the past couple of weeks, I just don't seem to find the energy to go online and be 'out there'. It was/is my goal to be less influenced by things that are being said online and therefore I chose to stay away a bit from social media and other websites. Not by you guys (you are the sweetest!), but through other organisations in which I poured my heart out in order to promote the positivism veganism is all about. Just because I lost my faith in people all together, doesn't mean that I have been sitting around on my lazy ass. I sure as hell did not. I'm hosting a 'Start to Knit' event this Friday at my place. Please, come over if you want to make your own knitwear from scratch! There will be (gluten free) pie! On Saturday you can find my pastries over at Mieke, where you can buy that perfect dress, or even start looking for the perfect Christmas attire. Also, on Saturday, I'm launching a four weeks series on being vegan through winter, which will also be available in Dutch over at BE Vegan. And, I also have some insights in pretty cool vegan products launching very soon. And last, but not least, I'm working on a Vlog-channel in which I want to tell you all about the difficulties, not only of going vegan, but also of being vegan. So, lot's of things are happening here in those last few weeks before Christmas!

But, first things first, what's going on in my shower? That does sound more dirty than it is meant to sound. I'm going to be inked next weekend (Arrrggg, exciting!!) and therefore, taking those long, hot baths will be out of the question for a few weeks. I already prepped my shower so I can still have those little spa relaxing moments I so need from time to time.

From left to right:

1. Kalamazoo; A beard and facial wash. Not for my beard, but for my boyfriend's. Plus, this facial wash smell so good and is so kind for your skin, I use it on a daily base as well. Available at Lush.

2. Ro's Argan Body Conditioner; a bodylotion for under the shower. After you're done washing, you gently apply this body conditioner, which smells like roses, and rinse it off. Leaves your skin soft and hydrated. Available at Lush.

3. Mineral Peeling Gel; an exfoliater. For those days where you need a deep and thorough rinsing of your face. Bought at Soap & Co, London.

4. A Zest of Happiness; shower gel. This shower gel leaves you feeling refreshed and happy in the morning, especially handy on Mondays. Plus, this a Belgium based brand that has this really pretty shop in Antwerp. Available at Rain Pharma.

5. Hamam Body Mud; a scrub. This scrubs fills your entire shower with the smell of those Finnish saunas. Plus, leaves your skin so soft. I think this is my favourite product in the shower at the moment. Bought at Rituals.

What are your favourite product for your morning shower?

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