Saturday, September 12, 2015

My week in pictures II.

So this week was my first full length week back at work in over two months. I must admit, I'm glad school has started again. Let's just hope that the person I'm replacing stays home a bit longer (which is not nice of me to say, I know) or that somewhere, somehow, I'll find some extra hours to teach. Thumbs up please! These five photos give you a nice overview of what I've been up to last week. Enjoy your weekend!

1. Mondays at work... I have class the first, the fifth and the last hour. Lots of waiting to do...
2. EVA meetings at 'De Dingen' with a rhubarb lemonade. Yum!
3. I had the most amazing vegan sushi at Le Botaniste. Review somewhere next week!
4. Fruits for breakfast, of course!
5. Since I don't have to work on Friday (I am that kind of cheater), I started my weekend Thursday evening with this killer cocktail at The Drifter, Ghent

And, I wanted to add this one because this one states my current mood, which is feverish and suffering a bad cold (Is it that time of the year again?), this is my cat. I'm off spending the rest of the day baking and making some nice pictures of some reviewable skincare for you guys!

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