Sunday, September 27, 2015

My morning routine!

Last week I had an interesting talk with one of my friends about skincare. She, admitting, that she doesn't seem to use any products due to a lack of time in the morning. That's when I told her to stop that nonsense and to start taking care of her skin. Okay, we're only 25 and no we don't need all those products to make us look pretty. But really? We do! Taking care of your skin on an early age will pay of once we're old and retired and lying on a sunny beach for the rest of our days (daydreaming is allowed now and then). Keeping your skin (and especially your facial area) clean and well hydrated reduces the amount of wrinkles and other elderly stuff you'll have to cope with eventually. Even if you're not wearing make up all day, you still have to cleanse your face. Our environment is so polluted that we are exposed to nastiness all day long. Please, take care of your skin. It's the only one you have!

My morning routine starts with cleansing my face with this cleansing milk by iplusm Naturkosmetik. This is a Berlin based fair, organic and vegan brand. My cleansing milk is for sensitive skin but their range of products tackles all types of skin related problems. A full review of this product will be online soon!
Next, I use the Breath of Fresh Air toner by Lush. Smell amazing and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. As always, top quality by one of my all time favourite brands.
Third step in my routine is adding this serum by Forever. Full review here. A serum is a thin layer of concentrated product that is specifically designed to tackle one problem, in my case, dry skin. It's that extra bit of skincare that helps my skin stay hydrated throughout the day.
Last, but not least, I apply my daily moisturiser. I use this one by Aesop, a cruelty free, all natural and mostly vegan brand. This one is new in my routine and I'm already head over heels about it. Not only does it smell amazeballs, like gingerbread, for real! But also it's this really thick kind of cream which I think will pay of when the months will start to get colder again. Full review of this one online next week.

Now where do I buy all these amazing products?
The iplusm I bought at Veganz in Berlin. But you can order it online here. The toner I bought at my local Lush store (Ghent all the way!), but it also available online. The serum is only available online. And the Aesop? Fin du Jour, Ghent. Truly an amazing store. Great service and even better products. They sell high end cosmetics and skin care and most of it is vegan! Just ask about it!

What does your morning routine look like? Let me know in the comments!

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