Monday, September 14, 2015

Lush' Cup of coffee - Review

Lush has a new range of products in store. So if you have the time, go check them out because they are, as usual, awesome. I brought home this new facial (and body) mask called 'Cup of coffee'. For those of you who have been around here longer, this shouldn't come as a surprise. I am a coffee addict. So this mask should be my cup of tea (wink).

First of all, this mask smells amazing. If you like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, this will be your thing. If you don't, you might not like it that much. But ignore the smell and enjoy all it's other amazing features.
Second, this mask is so kind for your skin. I have a very dry skin who tends to have a rosacea side. Applying this mask doesn't give me that annoying feeling of dry, irritated skin but leaves my skin really moisturised and feeling soft. The coffee grains in the mask also work a light scrub which is not to harsh on me. Extra grades for you dear Lush!
Lastly, this mask contains coffee and therefore caffeine. Caffeine is a wonderful product when you tend to have red skin or even suffer from rosacea. Why? Caffeine narrows your veins which leaves your skin less red. I'm not saying, you're going to get rid of you red skin for ever, but it should be less present. Taking care of your skin after applying the mask and keeping it well moisturised should normally do wonders for your redness.

I am really happy with this mask and would recommend it to everyone.
This mask is available in two sizes and I got the small one which retails for €9,95
Available here or at your local Lush store.

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