Monday, May 11, 2015

Groezrock report

Groezrock has long been my favourite festival. Let's start however on a positive note, the vibe was awesome. I saw some of my favourite bands perform, got to talk to a lot of interesting people, supported organisations that strive for a good cause and bought new shirts, tote bags and even a book!

However, it's a good thing that Groezrock had Just Like Your Mom as their vegan caterer, 'cause their vegetarian catering was not so vegetarian friendly. Salmon, really? As a punkrock/hardcore festival you ought to know by now that vegetarians don't eat meat and vegans don't eat any animal products. This is a very, very sad thing to do, dear Groezrock.

Mom on the other hand has the best vegan kebab there is to eat. I think I ate three of them 'cause by the time I went for the fourth, they were all sold out. They switched their kebab for a chili wrap and dear Mom, consider serving this as a regular wrap please.

My main point of negative critique on all this is the fact that it is rather obvious that Groezrock doesn't serve vegan/vegetarian food out of an environmental or animal welfare point of view. It's a good thing though that they offer this kind of food so that people get to know vegan/vegetarian food on their own time. 'Cause I really think that in order to convince people of a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle you got to show them the benefits of it all. And you can't even begin to compare those meat sandwiches with Mom's burgers. However, environmentally spoken, there is still a lot of work to do. Yes, there were thrash cans (not a lot) and yes they encouraged to recycle. But when there are no directions on how to recycle and when the bags are all the same colour, it is pretty obvious that those bags aren't sorted. So work on that Groezrock, please do.

Special thanks to Nathan Dobbelaere for taking a few pictures for me!

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