Sunday, May 3, 2015

Biolicious edition 2015

Biolicious is a fair about organic living. Not just food, but the entire packaging going from matrasses to sleep on, to bikes, to (of course) food and readings about how to lower your environmental impact. Since I am a foodie, I checked out most of the food stands, attended a cooking workshop (by Foodstorms) and a reading on raw food. Especially the workshop was rather interesting and I acquired some new insights on Plant Based Fine Dining. Shown on this pictures is a pate from Spinach, served with a buckwheat crumble and finished off with a mousse from soy milk and vinegar. And admit it, it looks rather chique, doesn't it?

A brand that was represented at Biolicious was Lily & Hanna's Raw Ice Cream. If you, like me, have a weak spot for ice cream, stay away from this brand as far as possible because it is addictive. Damn delicious. Ice cream with a cashew/coconut base can only result in a product filled with flavour. Here in Belgium we only have the caramel flavour available, but I got to try out their lemon cheesecake flavour and I am hoping this flavour will be available soon!

A new brand I discovered is called 'Vers en Veggie' (translated like 'fresh and veggie'). Shamefully I had to admit I had seen it before in my local store but never gave 'em a chance. They make spreads for on your sandwich as shown on the pictures. But I noticed they have a tajine and a lasagna at my store so I am going to try those out soonish!

Lastly I discovered Biobite. They make, translated, a power cookie made from ingredients that are good for you and your body such as spelt and buckwheat. I had one on the way to London last week and it gave me power to visit both Greenwich and walk a two hour touristic tour through the city. Look out for these at your local organic store!

I also bought a bottle of quinoa milk and a box of cornflakes by a brand called Soriabel. But I haven't tried 'em yet, so more info on that soon.

That was that for the food. I had a great time and ate a lot of great food.

For more info on Biolicious, check out their website.

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