Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter recap

This year is the first year I get to spend Easter the way it should be spend. Relaxing, eating a ton of chocolate and eating other non healthy food. I know that as a vegan, holidays can be hard, due to all the explaining and the fear of missing out on all the goodies. Not this year though!

The Easter Bunny brought me lots of chocolate and these almost to pretty to eat cookies made by Julie. Check out her Instagram for more information.

I started my day with a Sunday brunch that consisted of croissants, a fruit salad and homemade peanut butter granola.

For the granola I used hazelnut, almond, sunflower seeds, dried fruits, cacao nibs, maple syrup and of course, peanut butter. Roasted the nuts in a pan, added the fruits, maple and peanut butter - ready in 5 minutes. Delish on some fruits or mixed with any kind of yoghurt. Best to use rather sour fruit or yoghurt, since the granola itself is sweet as sugar. Breakfast I got at a local baker. She's a vegan herself and decided to start baking vegan pastries. We love her for it ever since.

In the afternoon I had a date with my boyfriend's family so I decided to make a pie. I went for a very traditional cherry pie, based on this recipe. I did however replace the silken tofu cream with a vanilla pudding cream. I used Soyatoo's whipped cream for the topping.

We ended the afternoon with a short visit to the Easter Fair in Kortrijk. Short due to the fact that I'm still not well and still suffering from a severe headache. Doctors visit first thing in the morning 'cause my face is so swollen that I look like I just had a fight. Not good.

Last week we tried out Ellis Burger in Ghent. The menu said they had two vegetarian burgers, one of them being vegan. Not so. Everything is cooked on the same plate, so there goes your vegan option. We did however get some inspiration to try out their portobello burger at home. My boyfriend (all the credit goes out to him for this one) filled the portobello with a garlic butter and placed them in the oven for about 10 minutes. Topped with fresh salad and a pepper veganaise, this 'burger' was a great succes. One you should definitely try out yourself!

Hope you had an amazing weekend.
And let me know if you try out one of these recipes!

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